I recently went through my closet for a spring clean and realized, I am obsessed with tote bags! They’ve taken over the entire top shelf in my closet but I could never get rid of them because I just love handbags way too much. The only downside to a good tote is the bottomless pit it soon becomes after throwing in what necessities you might need for the days to-do’s. When I’m heading out of town, whether that be a quick trip to shop across the border or a long-haul to Europe, I love to find ways to organize my carry-on tote and now I can pack perfectly for everyday too with TRUFFLE.

I can’t tell you how useful these Clarity Clutches have become, I use them to organize my tote with my favourite lipsticks, moisturizer and keep an extra pair of drop earrings (just in case!) stored away. When I’m traveling I like to keep my passport & travel documents safe in the small clarity clutch, and keep items like hand sanitizer, Tylenol and Vitamin soaked cleansing cloths in the larger clutch. (Sidetone: these Juicy Bamboo facial cleansing cloths would be AMAZING for the plane because they’re soaked in honey, jojoba oil sunflower oil and eight essential oils & vitamins B12, C & E – perfect for when your skin needs a little refresher). Then I can pack everything away in my tote, neat and tidy and ready-to-use as needed, having the clarity clutches be see-through is genius and so easy to quickly get what you need right away. They are also TSA-approved for your carry-on, so no hassles upon boarding!
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Enjoy free shipping with Truffle when you spend over $50!


And just in case you wondered, Kaia Juicy Bamboo Natural Facial Cleansing Cloths are available at most Ten Spot locations.


  • Reply kim benz at

    Who makes your tote bag in this post. The white one you are putting your clarity totes into?

    • Reply Sydney Socias at

      Hi! It’s from Forever21 and I have it linked on my site (if it’s still available!). Thanks for stopping by xo

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