Getting back into the routine of things after the holidays has proved to be rather difficult (..I can’t be the only one). I keep putting it off but this week I finally penciled in some time at the gym. That’s almost half the battle, just getting there.

At the beginning of this year I mapped out my ‘visions’ for 2016 (see my 2016 vision board on Pinterest) and one of them was to get back to getting fit. Before my wedding I had been regularly visiting 30 Minute Hit boxing studio and was in the best shape of my life! From this week forward, I want to make it my intention to schedule in regular workouts each week – and by me sharing this with you, I’m hoping it’ll make it easier for me to stick with it! One thing that’s made it easier to get back to the grind is all the cute activewear I’ve been eying lately. I’ve rounded up my current favorites for you to shop at the link below.

DSC_3181DSC_3134DSC_3153DSC_3165 (1)DSC_3163DSC_3147DSC_3144DSC_3187DSC_3168DSC_3167DSC_3185DSC_3171DSC_3175 (1)DSC_3137DSC_3180SHOP MY ACTIVEWEAR


– Thank you Gap Canada for sponsoring this post –
Photography: Tessa Lindsay Garcia

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