IMG_8538We have been so spoiled this summer with clear blue skies and bright, endless sunshine! This is the time of year I am especially thankful to be living on the West Coast in Vancouver.

Things have been especially crazy over the past few weeks as wedding preparations are underway – only 2 more weeks to go! So, I decided to host a few of my girls for an afternoon by the pool to relax & catch up on some much needed girl time.


How cute are these acrylic tumblers and entertaining set from Kate Spade!? And these refreshments are my new go-to. I mix raspberry lemonade (& when I don’t have that, I’ll swap it for cran raspberry cocktail) and club soda, served on ice and garnished with mint leaves from my herb garden (note: I like to fill 3/4 of the cup with club soda, easy on the lemonade!).

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Pitcher | High Ball Tumblers | Plates | Ice Bucket | Tray | Towel

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