Due to popularity, we will be releasing our Genie coin necklace for pre-order tomorrow Friday, March 6 at 8am PST.

Our signature piece from the Daydreamer collection by #LGxTWG will be available to pre-order exclusively at lavenderandgracedesigns.com

In case you’re new around here, last year Lavender & Grace and I teamed up to co-create a limited edition, five piece jewelry collection.

You can get all the details here.

To celebrate Genie’s return & our sincerest appreciation for your interest and support, we will be gifting FIVE ladies with their own Genie coin necklace.

To enter, head over to my instagram & make sure you are following me and @lavenderrandgrace. There are specific entry details there, but if you are dying to get your hands on a necklace I’m giving you guys some additional chances to earn extra points to win.

Here’s how the bonus entries work:

+ leave me a comment here [below] telling me you want to win your own Genie coin necklace & something you enjoy about following me / my channel / my blog.

+ you can also earn double entries by sharing my announcement post on IG on your own stories to let all your friends know, too!

All five winners will be announced on my stories on Monday, March 9 at 5pm PST.
Good luck!


  • Reply Angie at

    Would absolutely love to win my own Genie coin necklace and add it to my jewelry collection! Love following you for home/decor/skincare inspiration

  • Reply Cyndel Martens at

    Love this nextlace , what a timeless piece. This blog inspires and relatable in so many ways. My favorite part the blog is the everyday routin blogs such as beauty techniques and goals. As a full time working mom finding the time to do day to day task it hard and any tips help.
    Thank you.

    • Reply Sydney Socias at

      Aw, thank you so much Cyndel!!! Good luck!

      • Reply Kara B at

        I would absolutely love to win a Genie coin necklace! It is so beautiful with such an awesome backstory. Love your content and these pieces!!

  • Reply Julie D at

    Hi Sydney! I’d love to win my own Genie coin necklace (so gorge!) and your shopping posts and stories are right up my alley. (Athleisure! Candles! Bedding! Bunny bags for Easter treats. I love it all!) I’m @trysmallthings on IG.

    • Reply Sydney Socias at

      So, basically we’re best friends! Thank you so much for your ongoing support!

  • Reply Tamara at

    Genie necklace is a dream! I love following you lifestyle inspo!

  • Reply Jenna Morcom at

    I would love to win one of these gorgeous necklaces!!!

    I love following you because you are relatable! We live in the same city and it’s always awesome to see new ideas in all areas (decor, restaurants, skincare, etc etc). Also your Instagram is just reallllllll pretty! :)

  • Reply Amanda Cameron at

    Would love to win a Genie coin necklace!! They look absolutely beautiful!! And I’m brand new to your page, but I’m sure I’ll definitely enjoy following you!! Your page looks beautiful too!!

  • Reply Petra Prince at

    Love the genie necklace and beautiful story behind it. Following your blog for styling inspo ✨

  • Reply Taylor Bierwirth at

    I would absolutely love love to win a Genie necklace. I love why you made it and what it stands for. I think that is absolutely beautiful and your grandpa would be so damn proud of you!! I also love following you because you are so real & inspiring. Also… Your fashion is also #needeverything

    • Reply Taylor B at

      Fashion is amazing **

    • Reply Sydney Socias at

      OMG you are so sweet!! Means the world, honestly! Good luck xoxo

  • Reply Codi Lynn Warmerdam at

    Absolutely love following you, I’m since I start my blog you’ve been someone that has inspired me with your style and aesthetic. I love that you do your own thing and don’t get pulled into the IG craziness. I’d love to win a necklace, they are absolutely beautiful and how you came to create it to honour your grandfather is so cherished.

    • Reply Sydney Socias at

      Aw! This was the sweetest msg ever!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write me. Msgs like this mean THE WORLD

  • Reply Caitlin Vu at

    Hiii Sydney

    I am obsessed with Sivan, and went on a man-hunt to find this necklace months ago only to realize it was LIMITED EDITION & GONE. Talk about heart break- that hurt worse than my first breakup. I’m so GLAD this necklace is back and would love to get the chance to win. Sheesh, even if I don’t win, I’ll still buy it TBH. I’ve already started following your blog & insta, just because I LOVE authentic creators and from what I’ve seen, you radiate that. Keep up the amazing work ✨

    • Reply Sydney Socias at

      You just made my whole week!! Thank you so much, this means the absolute world to me. I’m so happy you’re here!!

  • Reply Lacy Bucher at

    Hi Sydney! I would love a necklace because (let’s face it) it’s the absolute best design, best adjustable length, and go-with-everything necklace! We all need one just for a daily piece to wear. I feel like I am so sad I didn’t find you until recently—but so happy I did! I’m a newer follower and loveee your style, skincare , and how real and relatable you are! Your jewelry pieces are amazing and you are so fun to follow along with! Thanks for this opportunity

    • Reply Sydney Socias at

      This just made my whole week! Thank you so much for the kind msg! So glad you’re here xoxo

  • Reply Amanda Wowchuk at

    I love following you for so many reasons! I actually met you at the Goop conference a year and a bit ago and you were so sweet – took boomerangs of my friend and I I loythst you’re a Vancouver girl, always post the best skincare videos, and you’ve got me legit HOOKED on that yummy TSC ACV/lime/cayenne drink

    • Reply Amanda Wowchuk at

      and the necklace…. I mean, who wouldn’t want it? It’s absolute perfection!!!

    • Reply Sydney Socias at

      OMG!!!Thank you for this! Made my whole week. THANK YOU

  • Reply El at

    I would absolutely LOVE to win a genie necklace as and L&G and TWG have been some of my favourite growing businesses women for some time now and I am in love with this necklace! I already own a couple of pieces from L&G and NEED to add this to me growing collection.

    • Reply Sydney Socias at

      Oh my goodness! We love you!! Thank you so much for your support xoxo

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