YAY! It’s finally time! I have been secretly planning this week for months and it’s literally been killing me not to share. Throughout the year I’ve hosted giveaways that have been very informal on Instagram and while this isn’t too different, I’ve spent a lot of time and put a lot of effort into making this week the biggest and best yet.

The difference this year? There are A LOT more gifts to give and WAY more winners than ever before. I’ve put a considerable amount of thought and effort into each one of these giveaways paying special attention to the brands I’ve chosen to partner with this year, many of which you will recognize as a favourite of mine.

I hope you guys enjoy the next 8 days! It’s my way of giving back and saying THANK YOU for your ongoing support this year!! Now, on with the giveaway…

When you think about the holiday season, what do you feel? If we stripped away all the shopping, gifts, food and wine we’d be left with the feelings that fill up the most magical day of the year.

In the month leading up to Christmas day, we prep our home by decorating, picking out our tree, pulling out our “Christmas candles” and making our environment as cozy as humanly possible. Much of this includes the way our space smells. Might sound kinda random but I believe that scent plays an enormous part in how you feel walking into a space. I love playing up certain seasons of the year with a familiar scent — December being when we bust out all our Frasier Fir candles and yummy essential oils. You know how important personal wellness is to me so today’s giveaway is V fitting!


For the first day of giveaways, I’ve teamed up with Saje Wellness to gift TWO lucky ladies each a diffuser + the holiday good cheer essential oil collection. 

HOW TO ENTER: be sure to follow BOTH @sajewellness & on Instagram AND tag 1 friend who would love to win, too! Earn double entries by leaving a comment below (with your IG handle so I can contact you via DM). I will announce two winners on 12.12.18 on my IG stories. Good luck!


Images: Melissa Skoda 


  • Reply Shibani at

    I’ve had my eye on sage wellness for ages! This would be amazing especially with the Midwest weather!!

  • Reply Eilidh at

    I love Saje products they are such a good gift for everyone! @eilidh_morrison

  • Reply Stacey Firth at

    Love your photos, so pretty!

  • Reply Chadney Keenan. at

    Hello- my favorite thing about the holidays is staying close together with my family and friends. I love how happy and joyful everyone gets during this season. We love to get in our pjs and get all snuggly around the fire with hot coco!

    Unfortunately this year my best friend @nikkikrattiger and I @chadneykeenan lost our home in the Woolsey Fire. It’s been quite the change getting used to starting over; especially in this years holiday season! However we are looking forward and letting go and accepting everything the universe is giving us! We would treasure these items from saje!

  • Reply Bailey at

    Love saje

  • Reply kristen visser at

    this would be fabulous!! thanks for the chance. Got my entry in @krisha4444

  • Reply Jenna Morcom at

    I would so so so love to win this! It is my 30th birthday next Tuesday and this would be a wonderful way to start the next chapter! :) Saje is the BEST! xx (Instagram handle: jenna.morcom)

  • Reply Andrea Smawley at

    This is such a great giveaway!! Love everything Saje and how you actually promote brands you use and believe in!! Would love to try these essential oils!!
    Instagram name is @andreasmawley

  • Reply Anamaria at

    Thank you for all the giveaways you do!!

  • Reply Nicole Shallow at

    Love Sage!! Great blog post :)

  • Reply Jess Gooch at

    Love sage products… the peppermint halo is the best for my migraines!! Happy holidays Sydney and fam :)

  • Reply Kayla Fraser at

    Love Saje! Just started following you after your podcast with PRIV! (@kaylamfraser)

  • Reply emily at

    love love love saje products

  • Reply Kimberly C at

    I’ve been wanting to try diffusing essential oils for awhile! This would be amazing!


  • Reply Gillian at

    Saje is my favourite! I use their Peppermint Halo everyday! (Instagram handle is @gill.mccullough)

  • Reply Eunice Lam at


    Yes, please! I’ve just moved cities and left my diffuser at home. Amazing of you to do this!

  • Reply Karla Sceviour at

    Thanks,entered on instagram :)

  • Reply Christina D at

    Yes I totally agree, I always associate scents with memories.
    Instagram @christinadragan

  • Reply tracy k at

    love saje products!
    ig @daydreamsun3

  • Reply Kim at

    So exciting! Fingers crossed @kimlmayer

  • Reply Sarah Letendre at

    following with @sjj7731
    fingers are crossed !! love love love Saje !

  • Reply Danella Dodding at

    Love this. Would love to try Sage Wellness. @danella67

  • Reply Kathryn at

    Amazing photos and such a great giveaway :)
    Instagram @instaabeykat

  • Reply Ashley at

    love saje and all their products
    Instagram: ashleylynntyson

  • Reply Alana at

    This diffuser is so stylish! Such a saje advocate!
    ❤️ @akregier

  • Reply Kate at

    Love love love saje! Have already bought my mums gift from here ❤️

  • Reply Naomi at

    Great post, love the pics!! I tried out Saje last year for the 1st time (the pocket pharmacy) and love the products. Thanks for the great giveaway & opportunity =) Instagram: @liveloveglam_

  • Reply Amanda Wowchuk at

    What a lovely gift – saje is SO amazing !

  • Reply Devon Dooling at

    This amazing!!!

  • Reply Crystal at

    Gah! Love Sage soooo much! (@hustlewithluster)

  • Reply Eileen @livinginbc at

    Following both @sajewellness & on Instagram AND tagged.

  • Reply Heather Sibley at

    I don’t have a diffuser yet and I hear that Saje makes a great one. @sibleyh

  • Reply Andy Duncan at

    That marble diffuser is soooooo gorgeous! Saje honestly makes the best oils and the prettiest diffusers. I have wanted one for so long!

    • Reply Andy Duncan at

      @andydunks85 on Instagram ❤️❤️

  • Reply Julie D at

    I love Saje Wellness! The Peppermint Halo is amazing! I’m trysmallthings on IG. Following and commented there too. :)

  • Reply Miranda at

    Saje makes the best products! Beautiful photo BTW @mirandarssll

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