Our puppy Xavi has been the light of our little household since we brought him home in January. He’s been growing (& sleeping) non-stop and the little guy has gotten so big over the past few months! Lucky for us, he’s a yellow lab retriever so his hair is short and not too much of a nightmare for us to manage.

Our flooring however, throughout our condo is dark hardwood (never again!) making it really difficult to keep clean. We never updated the flooring in our place when we moved in almost four years ago, they were basically brand new and in great shape so we kept them. But since then adding Xavi to the mix the dark hardwood isn’t shaping up to be something we would repeat in our next home. We are not completely OCD, but seeing marks, dust and dog hair on the floor, especially when the sun is shining through our living room windows drives us absolutely nuts!

To top it off our vacuum that we had purchased when we first moved in was dying and it was time for an upgrade, so we recently got the Dyson V7 Animal Extra Cordless Stick Vacuum and its been a TOTAL lifesaver. It’s easy to use, super powerful and comes with a lot of different features, perfect for living with pets (including a mini motorized tool with stiff nylon bristles that’s great for removing pet hair and ground-in dirt). Plus the V7 Animal transforms into a handheld vacuum! Best part is, you can now pick up Dyson products like this one at your local Best Buy or shop online to order (& have delivered).

Scroll down to see how YOU can have your own Dyson V7 Animal Extra Cordless Vacuum….. on me!

Today I’m excited to be teaming up with Best Buy Canada to give you a chance to win your very own Dyson V7 Animal Extra Cordless Vacuum, on us! All you need to do to enter to win, is head over to my Instagram and follow the instructions on the contest photo announcement. I’ve made is SUPER easy to enter and you can enter as many times as you like, the more entries the better your chances. As with all my giveaways I’m giving readers double entry points if you comment on this blog post below, telling me how winning this vacuum would make your life easier – just be sure to include your email & Instagram handle so I can calculate all your entries & contact you if you are the winner. Good luck!

Winner will be announced on my Insta Stories on Wednesday morning 9am PST!


This post is in collaboration with Best Buy Canada. As always, all opinions are my own.


  • Reply Erin at

    Two golden retrievers means golden colored dust bunnies ALL over our house. This would make the constant cleaning so much more manageable!

    Insta: erinmarieinhof

  • Reply Michelle Pabuaya at

    I NEED this!!! I live in a three level townhouse, and vacuuming the stairs is a nightmare! None of the cordless ones I’ve bought in the past, pick up the hair from two cats and two teenage girls.

  • Reply Iris Mather at

    4 kids and a hubby and father in law. I need all the help I can get. Lol.

  • Reply Stephanie Paukov at

    We would LOVE a new vacuum Sydney! With a baby dropping food everywhere (and eating anything he finds on the ground), a family dog and a three level townhome (lots of stairs!), a reliables, light weight vacuum is exactly what we need! Vacuuming currently is daunting (hauling out heavy vaccum up and down the stairs – and even finding time to do it with baby A with me all the time and of course, with heading back to work right around the corner), I’m sure having a Dyson would lessen the daunting part of the task!

  • Reply Salem Lowdermilk at

    Winning this vacuum would make my life easier because I have a little fur baby just like you and he makes our lives so happy, but also very messy as well!

  • Reply Stacey at

    Husky. Like Xavi, he’s brought so much joy into my life. But between his shedding and mine, It’s a contestant battle to keep the floors looking pristine.

  • Reply Tava at

    A Dyson Animal is the dream gift on my wish list — I know vacuums aren’t “romantic” but it would be treasured more than any box of chocolates or peonies because aside from the normal pets and humans we also have a flock of well loved moulting birdies — imagine feather pillows bursting in front of a commercial fan (slight exaggeration but only slight) someday we’ll all probably have asthma from over exposure but birdie snuggles are better than any pillow ig = at sixes (no space – hoping bots don’t know what spaces are)

  • Reply Deirdre Connolly at

    Love your picture wall behind your sofa and I would love a dyson.

  • Reply Michelle nowosad at

    Instagram handle is meeshnowa
    I would be absolutely thrilled to win a dyson! I have never been fortunate enough to afford one and I’ve heard they work amazing! My boyfriend and myself just got a town house that is three floors and we have a white bulldog with dark hardwood floors! Needless to say, my OCD is cleaning them every day! Having a cordless vacuum would be so amazing!!!

  • Reply Morgan Wapple at

    I’ve always wanted a Dyson!! And I’m hoping to add a puppy to my life in the next while so it would definitely help with that ☺️


  • Reply Jessica Gooch at

    I cannot tell you how much I desperately need this. We will be moving into our new place, and with a crafty child( that lives to cut up little pieces of paper) and two dogs that shed MAJORLY- I’m going to be pretty overwhelmed to say the least with all the dog fur. I have yet to find the perfect vacuum… fingers crossed

  • Reply Carolyn Mensing at

    Pug hair what can I say!! There is so much of it! Would love one!@meljoyw

  • Reply Darlene Fisher at

    I would actually give this to my dad, as he has a beagle whose hair seems to do perform “clump-and-float” magic around the corners of the room along the baseboards! @thirstyjourneys

  • Reply Anthony Galloro at

    I am experiencing the same issue with dog hair on dark floors. I rescued a dog with my girlfriend in October and its seems like his shedding never ends. I have always wanted to know how the Dyson animal products performed with dog hair on hardwood and furniture. Thanks for the validation on the Dyson animal line!
    Insta – @tony_swiss

  • Reply Chia-Li at

    A built in system is awesome for thy most part – love being able to sweep everything into the kick plate, for example – but some jobs need more than a sweep and getting all thy attachments out can be a pain. This cordless Dyson V7 Animal would be a great addition .

  • Reply Karla Sceviour at

    Winning this vacuum would make my life easier because it would hopefully suck up all the cat hair around my home,dirt and dust bunnies left behind by a teenager and a hubby ;) I have been wanting one for a long time,,ohh fingers crossed!!!

    instagram name @ksceviour

  • Reply Pia at

    Would love to have a Hand-held Dyson for this quick everyday dog fur vacuuming. We have a yellow lab and we also have dark wood floors so it it’s a must clean everyday! They just shed like there is no tomorrow AND they have bottomless stomachs… always hungry!
    Insta: katkrunch

  • Reply Hailey Richardson at

    OMG!!!!! I LOVE DYSON products soooo much, With the amount of dog hair in my home, I would LOVE to win this!!!!
    Thank you for such an amazing giveaway, dreaming!!!

  • Reply Lauren Fulton at

    I’ve always wanted a Dyson! With light coloured floors and a little Boston Terrier, the Dyson would make life so much easier! ( and my floors would thank me )

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